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We are DECAY!

Let the bodies hit the floor!

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Xebnok - Status: Decay

Zexxii, Mar 17, 09 11:19 PM.
All I have to say is, you guys OWNED that mob.  Holy shit! 
AMAZING people you all are, and I love each and every one of you.  Sorry I hurt your ears.  :D

GRATS! goes to Igery and Shredderr

Byzola - Status: Decay

Zexxii, Mar 8, 09 12:26 PM.

Ok, so, while downing Byzola isn't really newsworthy in and of itself, killing him twice in one night and getting two, count'em TWO of these:

That's purty cool.  Grats to Snoop and Shredderr!  Wear them in negative health!  ;) Oh, and if you see Antosh on his new mount, give him a /wave!  :)

Kultak the Cruel - Status: Decay

Zexxii, Mar 5, 09 11:33 PM.

I LOVE you guys!

So, our very first day at raiding, we stroll into that crazy crusader guy's house, and BOOM,
Captain Ikalas, Senior Loyalist Tilas, and that snake thing (what's his name?) hits the floor.  /shrug Didn't put up much of a fight, we took their lootz and called it a night.

TONIGHT!  We took a gander in the stronghold, and yea, they should hire some better guards, cause the Strange Stalker basically got his lights wrecked and handed us his loot, oh, and we first pulled Kultak the Cruel! 
Doing work and ending early is WIN!!


PS.  Zandul wants us all to know he killed The Rumbler the other day too.  ;)
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